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Distributors of Ruby Tubes and a full line of amp parts, accessories, tools and publications.

Vacuum tubes, Vintage tubes and Ruby Tubes are what Magic Parts is all about. Our full line of vacuum tubes are the best in the industry. Serious musicians know the tone is in the tubes, and Ruby Tubes deliver.

Customers raved about Magic Parts

"I've had this old Silvertone 1483 head for...years and I finally got it repaired and the Amp Man put a pair of Ruby power tubes in. It sounds so great I had to get a t-shirt. I'm a [novice], but at least my amp sounds great!" - David R.Neff

"Thank you so much for you[r] excellent service. Peter Diezel and I really appreciate your professionalism and great courtesy!" - Jens Kruse, Diezel Amplification

"...the quad came matched, then easy installed to my TwnRevRI and WoW!!... I will recomend [these] tubes 4all Twins users I know... So happy to hear my reborn Twin with that kick & soul that it just got. Thanks a lot and best regards to all crew at RubyTBS!!!" - Jorge Reverter

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